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Makeup Brushes & Tools

Makeup Brushes & Tools

Looking good is good business, and there are more than a dozen makeup brushes and tools that can be used to ensure that this good business is successful. Each brush and tool has its specific purpose, and all of them combine to make a lady look prettier. We have some major tools and brushes in store for every woman who wants to looks stunning and turn heads whenever she walks down the lanes.

  • Cosmetic Pencil Sharpeners

    Pencils are used to draw eye lines and paint the eyebrows to make them darker or just give them a different color for more beauty. The sharpeners are there to sharpen them so that they can be pointed and precise with the lines. If they are blunt, they might derail from the path they are trailing, whether it's on the eye lines or the brow lines.
  • Eye Makeup Brushes and Tools

    Under this category, we have a couple of brushes and tools to enhance the elegant and attractive features of the eyes. Eye makeup comes as a foremost area when you talk about makeup broadly. The eyes are the most beautiful parts of a lady's facial features, and if well taken care of in the makeup process, she looks more attractive than before. From eyeliners, eye shadow brushes, lash, and brow brushes to eye pencils, we've got them all here at Vitabox to enhance your eyes' beauty.
  • Face Makeup Brushes and Tools

    This is another area of focus when it comes to makeup. Without enhancing the beauty of the cheeks and blushes, the eyes will be rolling without glamor. There are many brushes and tools reserved for facial makeup. There are foundation brushes, concealer brushes, cream blending brushes, beauty sponges, and a host of others that we have in store for you. It's a collective effort of brushes and tools needed to make a woman beautiful, and we've got them all.
  • Lip Makeup Brushes

    The lips are sexy and court attention while complementing the entire facial makeup efforts. Different colors can be used on them to complement the colors used above them. They require specific brushes to get the job done. We have different types of it, from the regular lip brushes to the crystal lip brushes, gold retractable brushes, disposable brushes, and gloss wand applicator tools. Whatever type you are looking for to get the job done perfectly, we've got you covered at Vitabox.
  • Makeup Airbrushes

    Perhaps, brushes are not your thing. There are makeup brushes that can replace brushes. So, instead of having brushes and sponges rubbing your skin, the airbrushes can spray them directly to the skin. We have them in kits and different styles. Some are specific in their purpose, and some are multipurpose. But they all relegate the brushes in common.
  • Makeup Brush Cleaners

    When you are done using your brushes, they need to be cleaned, and we have makeup brush cleaners for this purpose. There is the electric type and the manual, and there is a shampoo for them as well. Some come with stands that can be used to dry them. Lots of shapes, brands, styles, and it's a variety we've got for you.
  • Makeup Brush Sets and Kits

    There's the full package available for you. It contains all the makeup brushes you know and the ones you don't even know. It's a complete kit having every kind of makeup brush incorporated into it. You don't have to get them one after the other. You can simply buy the full kit and use it as you please.