Maternity Skin Care Products

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    Maternity Skin Care Products

    Skin care products often contain chemicals and ingredients that get absorbed into the body and can be passed onto a developing child. Maternity skin care products are formulas specifically designed to ensure safety and health of both the mother and baby while addressing the mother's skin care needs. These products range from organic balms, body washes, lotions and more.

    Must Have Maternity Skin care Products

    As a new mother, you would start using products on your skin that would be completely different from those you used before having your baby. For you to use the best of the best products, there are some key things you would want to pay close attention to before purchasing your skin care products. These include the ingredients in the, quality check, and specific components that are needed to keep your skin glowing while protecting it against changes due to your pregnancy hormones. But before diving into that, here are a few of the best maternity skin care products:

    • Stretch marks therapy creams
    • Nursing balms
    • Body wash
    • Organic facial cleansers
    • Mineral sunscreen
    • Anti-itch lotion
    • Body moisturizers
    • Body oils

    Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid in Maternity

    Now, when getting your maternity skin products, look forward to the contents and the ones you should look foward to the contens and the ones you should avoid. Ingredients like Retinoid, which is generally good for acne, should be kept clear from newborn mothers. When applied and absorbed into the skin of the mother, it is likely to lead to birth defects. Also, Tetracycline is another to dodge because it has properties that could hinder the teeth and bones of the baby from maturing. A few others would include Salicylic acid, hydroquinone, Benzoyl Peroxide, Phthalate and so on.

    Safe Ingredients for Maternity

    Meanwhile, ther are also some good ingredients to watch out for when finding the right skin care products. When applied in small quantities, contents like Glycolic acid are just perfect for expectant mothers who are having a bit of a struggle with acne and hyperpigmentation. New mothers often experience hormonal changes which lead to changes in the skin. Commonly, this includes dry or itchy skin that can be treated with a gentle moisturizer. A good moisturizer would help dry skin, especially one with cocoa butter, hydraulic acid, and coconut oil.