First Aid Kits

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    First Aid Kits

    Having a well-stocked first-aid kit is essential, whether at home, office or for the car. This helps in tackling minor accidents and injuries immediately they occur, thereby helping to save lives. These kits should always remain locked and kept in a very cool place, and certain items should be present in this life saving kit. Here, you will find out certain items required in a first aid kit and materials used in preparing some of them.

    Best First Aid Kits

    Various simple items make up complete first aid kits. With their simplicity comes a variety of options for products that can be purchased. Picking the right items is as important as having a complete kit. When selecting first aid kits item, make sure you only buy items regulated by the health and safety regulations body. Certain drugs that will make up the items should also have been FDA-cleared.

    What to Include in your First Aid Kit

    Certain items are required to be in every first aid kit, should there be emergencies. Some of these items are:

    • Plasters or Bandages of Different Sizes: Often referred to as adhesive bondage, this material is used in dressing injuries sustained but not too serious. It is sometimes used to prevent blood from spilling. They are made from a blend of nylon, rayon, or spandex, similar to those used in garments. Some bandages come as a woven fabric or latex strip.
    • Safety Pins: They are also items in first aid kits. They are used for holding and securing the wraps of bandages when first aid is being carried out
    • Scissors: They are produced with steel and are majorly used for cutting materials such as bandages or plasters.
    • Iodine: This is an effective antiseptic agent used in treating open wounds. It is majorly made of purified water, sodium hydroxide, and other ingredients.
    • Painkillers
    • Antihistamine tablets or cream
    • Tweezers
    • Cotton wool

    Benefits of First Aid Kits

    • It provides essential aid before medical help arrives.
    • Reduces the rate of infection.
    • It preserves life by reducing the effect of the injury.
    • It reduces blood loss caused by an injury.
    • It makes emergency aid reachable.

    How to Use First Aid Kits

    • First, put on latex gloves.
    • Depending on the kind of injuries, get cotton wool to clean the blood.
    • If the blood loss is too severe, pour over the wound the alcohol cleaning solution. This should clear off the blood and slow down the bleeding.
    • Take a swab of wool and coat with the cleaning solution, tidy up the surface and surrounding of the wound.
    • Take another swab filled with the alcohol solution and place it over the wound.
    • Dress the wounds with plasters or bandages.

    First Aid kits are life saving tools required by everyone. It is advisable to get one from us for emergency aid.