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Wet Brush

Wet Brush

You can wash and take care of your hair with the best shampoos, conditioners, and even clay masks, however, if you're brushing your hair wrong you'll end up back pedaling. Brushing your hair wrong includes not only the way and when you brush, but the brush or comb you are using to do the activity of brushing your hair. Thankfully the hairbrush brand Wet Brush has taken this into consideration and lets you brush comfortably when wet without damaging your hair. With the original detangler, Wet Brush changed the game and transformed a painful time consuming task into an enjoyable colorful time of your day. Now with the Shine Enhancer, the Paddle Detangler, the Mini detangler and the Baby Brush, you can keep your whole family with luscious flowing locks from the moment they step out of the shower.

Types of Wet Brush Products

Wet Brush has 4 major variants and they include;

  1. Original Detangler: The first and the original Detangler has bristles that are extremely soft and can work on thin or medium hair types.
  2. Shine Enhancer: Adds a more luxurious look to your wet hair after combing. Its bristles are a combination of plastics and boar. It offers more penetration than regular wet brushes and goes deeper for thicker hair.
  3. Paddle Detangler: Contains up to 25 percent more bristles than regular wet brushes.
  4. Mini Detangler: For use while on-the-go, and is also great for children. 

At VitaBox, we have all four variants available for you with about the nature of your hair.

Benefits of Using Wet Brushes

  • Avoid Hair Breakage: Wet hairs are vulnerable and can break off easily with the slightest pressure. But the wet brushes are made for them and avoids breakage entirely.
  • Detangling is Easier With No Pain: There's little to no stress involved in detangling wet hairs with wet brushes. The process is super easy and can be done almost effortlessly. There's no pain involved in using wet brushes as well since their bristles are soft and gentle on the hair.
  • Great for All Hair Types: The bristles can cater to the detangling needs of various hair types without stress.


  • Avoid applying too much pressure while detangling. The bristles can get the job done with little effort.
  • Keep the bristles away from direct heat as this could cause them to melt.
  • Applying pressure on the brushes can cause them to snap or break, ensure you go gentle with them.