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    Dulcolax is a laxative drug that is used to empty the bowels by first stimulating them and causing the bulk of its content to flow out. It is used for treating constipation, and as a procedure before certain medical processes can be carried out on the stomach or colon. It takes within 6 to 8 hours after ingestion for the drug to begin its work on the stomach and lesser if it's a suppository.

    Active Ingredient

    The active ingredient present in Dulcolax is Bisacodyl, which is a laxative stimulant that does the actual stimulation on the bowels creating a bowel movement. It works on the colon to create bowel movements.

    Precautions and Things to Avoid

    • For the rectal suppository, you have to use it on your rectum and never ingest it orally. It's meant for the rectum and works faster via that route.
    • Ensure your bladder is empty before taking the rectum suppository.
    • Never administer this drug to a child below 2 years of age if you've not consulted your doctor.
    • Old adults and seniors should consult with their doctor before taking this drug.
    • If you have any existing health challenges, it is best to consult a doctor before taking this kind of medication.

    Benefits of Using Dulcolax

    • Freedom from constipation.
    • They are used to clear the stomach for x-rays and other medical procedures in the stomach.
    • It's easy to take and gentle on your stomach.