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Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Household cleaning supplies are crucial for keeping a tidy and inviting home. For optimal success, you'll need some cleaning supplies that can assist you in getting this task done quickly and effectively. With the right tools and cleaning materials, you can make your home appear cleaner and keep dirt at bay. This is necessary, so you can limit the chances of germs, which can cause sicknesses and diseases, build-up around objects that you touch regularly.

Cleaning Supplies Products

At Vitabox, we have different categories of cleaning supplies for household cleaning needs. They include;

  • Cleaning Tools: They make cleaning easier as they reduce the stress you'd have to go through, such as bending or climbing. Some of the cleaning tools include; hardwood floor mop, hand-held groove gap for windows and doors, microfiber mop, electric spin scrubber, and many others.
  • Disinfectant Wipes: Wipes are used to clean surfaces on tables, dressers, mirrors, and other accessories. However, disinfectant wipes kill germs that may have been deposited on these surfaces, making the cleaning process healthier.
  • Dusting Tools: These tools are meant for dusting surfaces as well. So, you don't use your fabrics to do them. There are different types of dusters and they are; microfiber hand dusters, feather dusters with an extended pole for high areas, window blind cleaners with brushes, and many others.
  • Household Cleaners: Different household cleaners make the cleaning process easier and faster. There are latex gloves to protect your hands, microfiber cleaning cloths, scrubbing bubbles, baseboard, and molding cleaning tools, cleaner brushes, cleaning pads with foams, scrubs sponges, and a dozen of other household cleaners.
  • Kitchen Cleaners: Household cleaners can be used for the kitchen as well but they should be reserved for the cleaning of the kitchen alone and not being used for both.
  • Mops, Buckets, and Accessories: There are several special mops with various handles that can be used for household cleaning. Buckets are available to contain the water, which will be disposed of, and we have them all in different sizes, shapes, colors, and different material compositions. Whichever form you want them, they are available. Some of the accessories include; handle bucket, spray mop, microfiber spin mop, mop and bucket with wringer set, multi-surface mops, upgraded broom, and dustpan set.

Benefits of Using Cleaning Supplies

  • They are a handful of benefits for using cleaning supplies, and some of them include;
  • Keeping your home free from germs and bacteria that can cause sicknesses and diseases.
  • Making your home more comfortable.
  • Easing your cleaning job.
  • Making your home retain its luxury and shines, while its curb appeal is improved.