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Shower Caps

Shower Caps

Shower Caps, also known as bath caps, are worn on the hair while bathing or taking a shower to prevent moisture from getting into the hair. They can also be used while sleeping to protect newly styled hair and some hair conditioning treatments demand that the hair is covered for effective results. They can fit into any hairstyle and come in various types, sizes, and in disposable or reusable forms, all of which we have in store for you.

Best Shower Caps

If you're looking for the best shower caps, then you should look out for shower caps that are made with breathable materials to allow for the escape of heat and moisture. Also, they should be waterproof while having antibacterial properties. The antibacterial property of any shower cap ensures that the constant stream of water getting into it does not lead to the buildup of germs. Certainly, your hair will remain 100% dry with your hairstyle or blow out intact.

Types of Shower Caps

Shower caps come in different shades, colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. Some are eco-friendly, and some are not. Some are reusable, and some are disposable. In VitaBox, we've got the variety to suit your choice.

Benefits of Using Shower Caps

  • Deep Conditioning: Deep conditioning requires a certain amount of time for the conditioner to settle in and become effective. With a shower cap, the conditioner is trapped into the cuticle of the hair and does not evaporate, so it does its job excellently. While the shower cap is on the hair, regular daily activities can still be done without the fear of it spilling out, especially in the kitchen and into foods.
  • Protects Hair Treatments: Some hair treatments require staying away from the rays of the sun. But this can be protected with the use of scarves and other clothing. But the hair treatments need to be protected from moisture too while showering and this is where the shower cap becomes essential.
  • Hair Mask Applications: Hair masks keep the hair healthy and form a part of hair care routines. But the application needs some time to settle in and is usually left all night because you don't want the sticky and wet mask ruining your bed. A shower cap comes in handy to rescue the situation.