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Shopkins is a collection of toys, collectibles, and figures based on different grocery items and manufactured by the Moose Toys Brand. This brand of Moose Toy Line began in 2014, and today, it has fourteen seasons of Toys, including other series like Easter, Christmas, and Halloween. The Shopkins has risen to become a notable line under Moose Toys, which has led to the offshoot of many merchandise-bearing items and collectible in a wide variety. As part of our efforts to offer customers an assortment of products and services, we've got in store a variety of Shopkins products from its merchandise in various categories. With the variety available, you add spice to your shopping.

Shopkins Merchandise

The Shopkins merchandise is a massive arm of the Moose Toy line due to its success over the years, and although it's a toy brand and for kids, some collections have been made for adults as well. It gets exciting for kids to see their parents rock their favorite toys in tees or other items. Below are some of its merchandise arms.

  • Shopkins Clothing

    The Shopkins has a clothing line and Kindi kids-inspired clothing collection. Lots of T-shirts are also available in the ""Shopkins Direct"" subscription box, bearing a lot of items all branded with the Shopkins identity. There are also accessories, makeup kits, and bags under this line.
  • Collector Cards

    The collector card began in 2015, and some of them have expanded into unique merchandise like necklaces and keychains, among a broader range of accessories.
  • Books and Magazines

    Moose Toys had partnered with some renowned publishers like Scholastic and Simon and Schuster to create books for kids that are in series and all featuring Shopkins. One of its most popular books is Welcome to Shopkins, which is under Scholastic's Shopkins series. They are also coloring and activity books under this. The Magazine series of the Shopkins merchandise began in 2015 and is still growing rapidly.
  • The Shopkins Direct

    Although mentioned earlier, that is just for the clothing. The parent company, Moose Toys, had gone into a partnership with CultureFly to promote the Subscription Box of Shopkins, which includes the accessories and other merchandise of Shopkins. Some of them include branded items of Shopkins like lip balms, plushies, apparel, accessories, and limited edition figures.
  • Kinstructions

    Kinstructions from Shopkins is a line of its merchandise with playsets for kids and is licensed by Moose, the parent brand, and is inspired by Lego building toys. It was released in 2015, and the playsets also come with some exclusive buildable materials from Shopkins. They come along with extra pegs to build their stands.

Other merchandise of the Shopkins includes the Shopkins Real Little, a mini version of the Skopkinds brand found in supermarkets and contains Shopkins items and collectibles in a smaller version. From treats, cakes, and other toys inside the packs, the mini version is awesome for your kids. There are many packs of different labels and types for kids on the Shopkins identity.