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Sexual Wellness Products

Sexual Wellness Products

Sexual wellness is about intimate physical contact with physical attraction and being in good health while at it. Yes, sexual wellness does include intercourse, masturbation, not having any sexually transmitted infections, and even general hygiene of your genitals. Additionally, it also has to do with exploring and embracing your sexuality and becoming one with it. It can also be linked to your overall wellness, relationship with your partners, acceptance of your body.

Best Sexual Wellness Products

Sexual wellness products help take care of your sexual health. They are used to improve both your sex life and well-being. Condoms, for example, are great for birth control, and some of them even protect against sexually transmitted infections. However, condoms might not be a preference for some people because they enjoy the skin-to-skin feel more. However, today, there are condoms made that are made of very thin natural latex rubber, which allows you to feel the same sensations as skin-to-skin. They are light and you wouldn't even notice they're there, making you and your partner enjoy the moment to the fullest. 

Latex-sensitive people are not left out of the sexual wellness equation. There are condoms specially made for you. Natural lambskin condoms, for example, are made with no latex at all but with a water-based lubricant. These types of condoms have very high sensitivity, a more realistic sensation, and you get an excellent skin-to-skin feel too. They are also highly trusted when it comes to pregnancy protection, though they aren't the best when it comes to the prevention of STIs.

Using The Best Sexual Wellness Products Effectively

If you require a more tailored fit, you should try out your options and see what suits you best. Even though these condoms come already lubricated, you are required to add more lubricant, especially with the ultra-thin, to reduce the odds of breaking and get a smoother ride with optimum pleasure. Add a few drops inside and a lot more outside. Remember, the sexual wellness products are here to help you understand your sexuality as a whole and give you an extraordinary sexual experience. At Vitabox, we have a wide range of options that you can choose from, so explore and see what suits you best.