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Rugby Laboratories is a distributor of over the counter medicines, vitamins, and dietary supplements. From Travel Sickness remedies, to stool softeners, and chewable children's vitamins to prenatal formulas, Rugby Laboratories has numerous products across a variety of categories to help you live a more comfortable life from birth to hospice. 

The Best of Rugby Laboratories Products

Rugby Laboratories Products vary across various medical needs and in all ages. When it comes to judging the ingredients used and the quality of production, you could say that they have been ranked excellent. In its over 20 years of services, Rugby Laboratories has received backing from the FDA and independent consumer testing agencies. This fact alone ascertains their quality and trust in the effectiveness of their services.

Medical Benefits of Rugby Laboratories Products

  • Pain Killers and Relievers: They produce a range of aspiring used for various situations and ages. They produce acetaminophen used medically as a pain reliever and fever reducer and also blue gel pain-relieving treatment. They also produce oral pain relievers like All Day Relief.
  • Facial Remedies: Rugby Laboratories produce various facial treatment options, including but not limited to acne medication, alcohol prep pads.
  • Allergy and Sensory Relief: They also produce medications for allergy and sensory relief such as calcium, vitamin D, sulfate, prenatal vitamins, and vitamins for senior citizens.

Why Buy Rugby Laboratories Products

  • Trusted and Verified: Rugby Laboratories is a tested and trusted medical treatment producer. They have undergone both review and scrutiny from independent consumer testing bodies and the FDA. This alone guarantees that their production process, ingredients, and materials are safe and good for human health.
  • Various Products: Rugby laboratories have a litany of products covering almost every medicine and human health area. Their list of products numbers well past 100, with certain products made specifically for various ages, health conditions, medical and beauty needs.
  • Years of Quality: They have been actively producing since 1999, giving them 22 years of experience and skill. Through the years, they have consistently increased their quality and standards to improve consumer health.
  • Inexpensive Products: Most of their products are bought over the counter and are mostly inexpensive. Their vitamins and beauty products all range at low prices to favor the masses.
  • Transparency: Their product list, verification status, and ingredients are all available to be viewed on their site or the FDA site. It is easy to see what is truly inside each product and classify it as safe for use.
  • Ease of Use: Since most of their products are sold over the counter, they are easy to use. As long as you keep to the manufacturer's dosage or how to use it, there should be no serious medical issue.