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Rit is a manufacturer of multi-purpose, non-toxic, and non-inflammable liquid dyes for all kinds of fabrics. The dyes are easy to use and can cause any fabric to dazzle in brilliant new colors. Since it's versatile, it can be applied to accessories, household items, and shoes covered with wool, fabrics, cotton, or silk.

Rit Brand Products

We have a variety of Rit Dye products available for customers in the following categories.

  • Dye More for Synthetics: Dye products here are specially designed for all kinds of synthetic fabrics in the clothing industry. Some of the synthetic fabrics, including those made of acetate, acrylic, and polyester.
  • All-Purpose Dyes: Designed for a variety of purposes, the dyes in this category can cater to the color needs of clothing, shoes, and household items or accessories. Tons of dyes with different colors are available here for customers.
  • Back to Black Dye: If black is your favorite and your fabric has lost its original black glitter, these dyes can bring them back to their blackness. Included here is the most powerful black dye of Rit known as the Black All-Purpose, and there's the Color Stay Dye Fixative.
  • Tie-Dye Accessory Kit: The Tie-Dye accessory kit contains all essential materials to carry out a tie-dye DIY on any clothing. It contains 20 rubber bands, a microwave tray, and 3 excellent bottle squeezes. You can then purchase Rit's dyes to effectively begin any tie-dye process.
  • Color Remover: Get rid of any color from any fabric at all with the color remover from Rit. You can remove existing colors from fabrics to start the application of new colors and also use it to remove dye stains, food stains, or ink stains on white fabrics.
  • ColorStay Dye Fixative: Fabrics retain their new dyed colors years after applying the ColorStay Dye Fixative on them. They stand the test of time through seasons and never fade away. They can be used to lock in colors on fabrics for durability.
  • Other product categories from Rit includeLaundry Additives, Pro-Line, Original Tie-Dye Kit, Indigo Shibori Tie-Dye Kit

How to Use Rit Products 

  • There are various application methods for the different products offered by Rit Dyes. From the washing machine to the stovetops, sink, and bucket method, it all depends on what you're trying to achieve. Buying any of the products entitles you to some usage instructions, which should be followed to the latter to achieve desired results.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Always wear your gloves during application.
  • Ensure the dyes never splash into your eyes while using them.
  • Keep dye products and usage process away from foods.
  • Store dyes in a cool and dry place.