Purity Products - AstaFX Astaxanthin Super Formula - 30 Day Supply
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Purity Products - AstaFX Astaxanthin Super Formula - 30 Day Supply

The Astaxanthin featured in AstaFX is patented, or has patents pending, for applications in multiple areas of health including muscle endurance, visual acuity, skin health, immune function and cardiovascular health. Astaxanthin is superior to many other antioxidants, up to 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C. An increasing body of research shows how Astaxanthin can be used to support skin health, vision, cardiovascular health and many other important areas of health.* Purity's unique AstaFX is one of the most innovative and bioavailable Astaxanthin products on the market today.

Over the last 20 years, published research and human clinicals have demonstrated the dynamic antioxidant properties and important health related benefits of Astaxanthin as a dietary supplement.* Astaxanthin, a carotene that gives wild salmon its appealing orange color, is poised to become the next "Superstar Antioxidant." A close relative of the more familiar Beta Carotene and Lutein, Astaxanthin is vastly more powerful at knocking out free radicals, those infamous rogue molecules that prowl around the body, leaving damaged cells and tissues in their wake.

AstaFX doesn't just contain Astaxanthin; it exclusively blends AstaREAL, an evidence-based Astaxanthin backed by multiple studies and patents with tocotrienols, which are the most powerful form of Vitamin E for support of cardiovascular health.* Clinical studies document the ability of AstaREAL to support: healthy energy levels, healthy skin, visual acuity, muscle endurance and recovery, immunity and circulation.*

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