Native Remedies K-OK Kiddie Calmer Pillules, 20 Grams
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Native Remedies K-OK Kiddie Calmer Pillules, 20 Grams

K-OK KiddieCalmer is a 100% natural safe, non-addictive, homeopathic remedy especially formulated for children to help support and encourage balanced emotion and your child¿s inner ability to stand firm, when this inner confidence has been clouded. It will also support your child without the risk of addiction, sedation and other side effects. K-OK KiddieCalmer works by assisting the body in the routine control of behaviors and emotions, thereby helping a child to lessen the load. This remedy is particularly helpful for those naturally sensitive children who tend to occasionally become clingy or who struggle with new surroundings or experiences. Use K-OK KiddieCalmer to reduce anxiety, worry and shyness in children; help ease routine childhood fears; promote relaxation and sense of security; promote a healthy sense of self and confidence; lessen feelings being flustered and overwhelmed and promote healthy attitudes towards separation and adjustment to new situations.

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