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Paper & Paper Craft Supplies

Paper & Paper Craft Supplies

Craft paper is made with lightweight paper. They are ideal for both art and craft. Craft paper is great for executing a wide range of art and craft, including decoupage and making of cards. It is sometimes referred to as origami by some; a word derived from Japanese origin, which means "to fold a paper." These papers can come in different colors, while they can also be coated or not coated. Thickness and weight may also vary in papers depending on what or why you need them.

Paper Craft Tools

There are many tools involved in papercraft, but fortunately, these tools come at an inexpensive rate and can be easily accessed anywhere. Due to this reason, paper crafts have a long history as folk art. Some of these tools include paper, scissors, knives, razors, and pencils. When these tools are in place, any paper project can start using any choice of paper. If you are a professional crafter or just starting, specific tools are required to run craftworks smoothly. While you may have some of them at home, you may need to buy some. Some of these tools are;

  • Paper cutter: This helps to cut your paper perfectly with the cutting line and measurement in inches.
  • Corner punches and rounders: This tool helps in rounding off the hard edges of your different paper crafts such as journal pages, tags, and others.
  • Cutting ruler: Usually made of metal, this tool help to achieve a straight cutting with its protective guard that ensures the hands are free from a cut.
  • Scissors: Just as you are familiar with regular scissors, they are also used for cutting papers.
  • Craft Knife: This tool helps to cut different papers of different shapes. The weight can vary depending on the choice of use.
  • Non-stick Craft Mat: This helps protect all craftwork surfaces from glue or other materials that may stain your work.
  • Pencil: This is used in marking, writing, or indicating a specific point of measurement. It can also be used in artistic designs in finishing your paper and papercraft.
  • Other Materials include a bone folder, scoring board, brayers, paint and paper brushes, and more.