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Pacifiers, Teethers & Teething Relief Products

Pacifiers, Teethers & Teething Relief Products

Pacifiers are small items made of plastic or rubber used to satisfy the sucking needs of babies. Children love to suck on just about anything, and if you dip your fingers in their mouth, they'd gladly suck on it, but that's not healthy. Pacifiers are a better alternative. Sometimes, they are used between meals, and sometimes when the baby is just relaxing, so it doesn't suck on just anything it finds.

What are Teethers?

Teethers are soft rubber toys used in a child's teeth developmental stages. Babies love to chew as well, and generally, they love putting things in their mouths. Teethers come in place of the things they put in their mouths, such and chew on. This is necessary for the developmental stages of a child's teeth as it applies a little pressure on the soft gums thereby, massaging and improving blood flow to the area for teething.

Types of Pacifiers and Teethers

Most of the pacifiers are similar with an elongated or protruding part that the baby can suck while the other side covers the mouth. They all follow this pattern but can come in different shapes and sizes, all of which we have in store. There are pacifiers for:

  • Babies on the move.
  • Newborns
  • Bottle-like pacifiers
  • Travel pacifiers

Pacifier Tips

  • Always wash the pacifiers to avoid germs building up in them, which can cause diseases and illness for your baby.
  • Don't let your child get too attached to it. Living without it might become so difficult when this happens.
  • Try not to rub sugary things on them.
  • If you notice your baby doesn't like the pacifiers, don't force it.

Teether Tips

Here, we also have a wide variety of the same product to promote the health of your baby's gum and facilitate the growth of teeth. We have them in the following categories:

  • Water-based teethers
  • Gel-based teethers
  • Plastic teethers
  • Cloth teethers
  • Animal-themed teethers
  • Rubber teethers

There are also various kinds of baby teether toys available for your babies that they can play with and also chew on. All of them are soft and gentle on the gums of your kids because they were made so. Also, remember to clean the teether regularly for the health safety of your kids.

Benefits of Using Pacifiers, Teethers, and Teething Relief Products for Babies

  • Provide a temporary distraction for your babies when they refused to stay calm.
  • Can relieve them of pains in their gum.
  • Promote the growth and development of their teeth through gum massaging.
  • Some babies sleep better with it and fall asleep faster when they have it on.
  • Can prevent your child from sucking thumbs or fingers, which is a bad habit.
  • Makes the process of teething seamless.