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Options Vaginal Contraceptive Gel applicators offer an innovative and highly effective birth control alternative. These hormone-free gel capsules, made of easily absorbed ingredients, are recommended to be inserted just prior to sexual intercourse. Once in place, they prevent sperm from entering or fertilizing the egg, while allowing spermicide to release for up to one hour of intercourse. Options Conceptrol is safe and gentle on your body, making it a convenient and affordable contraceptive option.

Ingredients in Options Vaginal Contraceptrol

  • Active ingredients: 4% Nonoxynol -9. Other ingredients include lactic acid, methylparaben, povidone, propylene glycol, purified water.

Benefits of Using Options Conceptrol  

  • Prevents Unwanted Pregnancy for Women: Options Conceptrol is an effective birth control gel for women who don't want to be pregnant anytime soon and still need sexual satisfaction from their partners. 
  • Easy to Apply: The application of Options Conceptrol is stress-free with the use of a pre-filled applicator that gets the job done easily. you can place them in your bags and travel anywhere with them for use anytime you want. The applicator can be reused as well.
  • Hormone-Free Contraceptive Gel: Options vaginal contraceptive gel is hormone-free. Meaning it does not affect your hormones when you use them. It can be used during breastfeeding for nursing mothers and it has no side effects on the breast milk or the baby receiving it.