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Moleskin shoe pads are soft fabrics with a layer of adhesive padding used to protect the feet against blisters and soreness while traveling, hiking, running, or walking. Beyond protection, they help alleviate pains in the feet caused by blisters, corns, calluses, and other uncomfortable feet conditions induced by friction. They come in different sizes and types for different feet but can be shaped with the aid of scissors to fit into the toes, heels, or forefoot.

Types of Moleskin Pads

Moleskin pads come in different forms and from different brands. While they share a single shape, texture, and padding feature, some may vary by the material used in manufacturing them. There are latex-free moleskin pads, some are made with zinc oxide adhesives for a firmer grip, and some are hypoallergenic. Here in Vitabox, we've got them in different brands and material compositions for you to make your preferred choice.

How to Use Moleskin Pads

  • Put the moleskin pads in your shoes, especially new pairs, before placing your feet in them.
  • You can cut out some and place them around your toes to prevent blisters. Use a pair of scissors to cut, shape, and attach to your toes, heels, or any part of the feet that is prone to blisters before inserting them into the shoes.
  • You can use the moleskin pads as bandages for injuries on the feet. Simply band them around the affected area like you would with a regular bandage.

Benefits of Moleskins

  • Treatment and Prevention of Blisters: Blisters are common when running, walking, hiking, and performing virtually any activity that requires much use of the feet in constant motion. The moleskin pads prevent them from happening and also alleviates the pain occasioned by their occurrence. They are comfortable and light on the skin for use all day long without any allergies.
  • Treatment and Prevention of Other Feet Conditions: Beyond blisters, moleskin pads are used to prevent and treat a wide range of feet conditions. Some of them include calluses, corns, hammertoes, foot pain, soft corn, toe pain, claw toes, forefoot pain, bunions, mallet toes, and even the heels from a condition known as Haglund's deformity.
  • Make the Feet More Comfortable: With regular socks, the feet can get uncomfortable after being in the shoes for a long time. But with the moleskin pads, you can wear shoes all day without feeling discomfort.


  • Do not apply moleskin directly on blisters as the adhesive on the back can peel off the surface of the blisters.
  • Always remove the backing from the adhesive side of the moleskin before placing it over the blister.
  • Do not use one moleskin for too long. Remember to replace them after using them more than twice.