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Men's Clothing

Men's Clothing

There are different kinds of clothing out there and different ways it should be styled too. Clothing is meant to cover up nakedness, but now, it goes way past that. Apart from its initial use, it can act as a statement or a way of expressing oneself. They are also to be styled and worn differently depending on the occasion or environment. For instance, a casual sweatshirt and pants can't be worn at an official gathering or wearing a tuxedo on a farm: it's absurd. So, having clothing is one thing, knowing when to wear it and with the right accessories is another.

Must-Have Clothing for Every Man

Firstly, there are basic must-haves for distinct occasions that every gentleman should possess in their wardrobes before mastering the art of how and when to wear them. These include:

  • Formal Wears: Clothes like suits, tuxedos, chinos pants, and button-down shirts. These are suitable to wear to the office or for dinner at a fancy restaurant.
  • Casual Wears: These are your everyday jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and tank tops. They are just what you need for not-so-important occasions or, night out with friends or simply things you quickly slip on to go to the supermarket. They are straightforward to wear.
  • Street Wears: Street fashion is a lot like casual and vintage clothing, but it has a little bit of hip-hop fashion mixed in it. They are mainly worn by youngsters living in the suburbs who are into skating or pop culture. It consists of baggy tees, cargo pants, sweatshirts, pants, and sneakers. These give the utmost comfort, and presently, it is vogue.
  • Underwear: They say, from a man's underwear, you can tell his personality. Boxers are meant to be sophisticated, so if you're planning to buy overly branded or colorful boxers, you should have a second thought. Cotton boxers are your best bet for stylish underwear. They're gentle on the skin and breathable.

Must-Have Accessories

The right outfits and wrong accessories can make your appearance turn into a disaster. Looking good doesn't have to do with only wearing fancy clothes, it also has to do with having the perfect accessories to go with it. With this, you might just appear like a fashion icon.

  • Socks: Not knowing the importance of socks can be a massive blow to any man's wardrobe. Having a variety of socks from shapes to colors is very much needed as they often bring out the beauty in an outfit or a shoe. You can wear them with cropped trousers or shorts.
  • Cufflinks: These work exceptionally well with formal attires. With cufflinks on, you can make your suit or tux look way more appealing. They are such little accessories, but they aren't insignificant. They make you look serious-minded and might even command respect.
  • Belts: These aren't necessarily only for holding your pants firmly, they can also complement your shoes, thereby adding a little sparkle to your outfit and improving your overall appearance.
  • A Tie: Even if you don't wear formal clothing or don't work in an office, having a tie is essential if you want to have a complete-looking wardrobe. Who knows, one day you might need it.
  • Wristwatch: Watches have a way of sealing in the entire look and making you look classy. It also indicates that you're a time-conscious person who can impression you being a hard-working and busy person. And even if you're wearing a low-budget outfit, a good watch can instantly make you look expensive.

In general, clothing and accessories make up who we are. The way you dress can give people an insight into your personality. A nice outfit can also attract people of high status. So, in essence, an exquisite fashion sense can make you reputable and attract good fortune.