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The Mascara is a type of cosmetic used specifically for eyelashes to enhance its nature. Mascaras can be used to define the lashes of the user, like elongate, darken or thicken them. They come in 3 major forms: liquid, powder, or creamy form, with the last being the most popular form.

Types of Mascara

At Vitabox, we have different types of mascara available for your makeup needs, and the choice is yours to make from the list below:

  • Curling mascara
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Lash defining mascara
  • Lengthening mascara
  • Bottom lash mascara

Just like their names imply, these mascara are used for different purposes. The lengthening mascara is used to elongate the lashes, and the curling mascara is used to ensure the lashes curl better.

How to Use a Mascara

You don't have to be a makeup artist to use mascara. With the following steps below, you can use them effectively to achieve the desired definition for your eyelashes.

Applying the Mascara

  • Curl your lashes first using an eyelash curler, which will also lengthen it a little for the mascara to stick.
  • Use a primer, just like a foundation helps your makeup endure on your skin, the primers will help your mascara endure on your lashes. Apply and wait for 30 seconds.
  • You can now apply the mascara to your upper and lower lashes.
  • On the upper lashes, look upwards and use the want to wiggle it back and forth. Apply more to get the thickness you're looking for.
  • Do the same for the lower lashes and be more careful not to create clumps by applying too much.
  • Cover and ensure your lashes are well separated so the mascara can affect each lash even to the corners that are difficult by angling the wand at those areas.
  • Clean up the affected parts of your face due to the little mess created.

Benefits of Using Mascara

Mascara defines the eyelashes and makes them more attractive. The lashes can be made to appear thicker, darker, or longer using the suitable mascara designed for any of the purposes. In the end, it's a more pretty lady we see that courts attention from all corners and, by the way, it makes the eyes even sexier than ever. However, knowing how to use it rightly is key, and don't forget to follow the precautions.