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Lipstick Primers

Lipstick Primers

Since your lipstick is notorious for fading away like the stars making way for the sun, the primers are there to slow things down and give you an extended stay time with your lipsticks. They also make the lip skin smooth and ready for any cosmetic that is about to be applied to it. However, we've noticed that people do have a problem with choices considering the range of lipstick primers offered. You can get more precise with your preferences by reading on.

Choosing Lipstick Primers

The problem usually arises in the type of primer that will be suitable for a particular lip skin, so we are dwelling on the lip skins here.

  • Sensitive Skins: If your skin is very sensitive, ensure the primer you about to secure is low on fragrance, else it might cause irritations on your lip skin.
  • Mature Skins: Not every lip is fresh. Matured lips aren't, and this is as a result of age. However, the primers can mask those wrinkled lines, but you have to use the ones that are capable of moisturizing, made with sunscreen that is lightweight and come without shimmers.
  • Healthy Skins: If you don't fall in both categories above, you are pretty good, and you don't need a primer with many intricacies, you just need something that will keep your lipstick glued to your lip all day long.