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Lip Balms & Moisturizers

Lip Balms & Moisturizers

Lip balms and moisturizers are cosmetic products designed to keep the lips fresh and nourished. They moisturize the layers of the skin on the lips with essential oils and also create a special fragrance when applied. Lip balms and moisturizers come in different types, flavors, and are made with a variety of ingredients that are designed to keep the lips soft, healthy, and prevent lip conditions.

Lip Balm and Moisturizer Ingredients

The major ingredients used in lip balms and moisturizers are; beeswax, castor oil, honey, vitamin E, zinc oxide, hemp seeds, titanium dioxide, cocoa butter, and shea butter. They are also fragrance-free and hypoallergenic to avoid side effects. Lastly, the best lip balms and moisturizers protect the lips from the ultraviolet rays of the sun with SPF protection of 30 or more.

Types of Lip Balm and Moisturizers

Lips balms are formulated with various ingredients. Some are made from natural seeds, while some are formulated with artificial ingredients. Some come with fragrances and are available in different flavors, while others are fragrance-free. Some are even made from flowers and other innovative means, but all offer one thing; they keep the lips nourished and fresh against dry, chapped, or cracked lip conditions.

How to Use Lip Balm and Moisturizers

  • Exfoliate: Prepare the lips first by exfoliating them to remove dead skin cells and keep the lips fresh. Use a scrub and exfoliate gently.
  • Moisturize: Apply a moisturizer first, you can use any moisturizer of your choice, but the goal is to hydrate the lips artificially and prime it for the application of balm.
  • Apply: Place the lip balm on the lips swiping from left to right.
  • Hydrate: While using them, remember to drink enough water for total hydration.

Benefits of Lip Balms and Moisturizers

  • Keep the Lips Fresh and Attractive: Dry lips are not pleasant to behold, but fresher lips are. They make one attractive and nourish the skin of the lips with freshness.
  • Prevent Chapped Lips and Other Conditions: Frequent application of lip balms and moisturizers keep the lips safe from conditions like chapped lips, cracked lips, and dryness, among other uncomfortable conditions.
  • Can Be Used for Other Purposes: Beyond the lips, they can be used as hand lotions to freshen dull skin around the eyes and heal cracked fingertips. They are that versatile.


  • Do not share your lip balms or moisturizer. It's only personal.
  • Discard after 3 months and replace with another set.
  • If you notice any skin irritations while using them, stop immediately and consult a dermatologist.
  • Moisturizers can't do the job alone. Tag them along with lips balms.