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Heat Patches & Wraps

Heat Patches & Wraps

Heat promotes blood circulation, and this helps reduce body pains and stiffness. It also encourages the movement of nutrients to muscles and joints, which aids the repair of damaged muscles or sore joints. Although there are various forms of heat therapy, heat patches & wraps are some of the most effective, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly forms.

Best Heat Patches & Wraps for Back Pain Relief

Heat patches, also known as heating pads, are patches with electric heating components. They can be used at different parts of the body that needs pain relief and muscle relaxation. Heat wraps, unlike heat patches, are wrapped around the painful area, and they are not electric. To use, you simply pop them into the microwave for a few seconds, and they are ready to use. One significant difference between heat patches and wraps is the kind of heat they produce. There are two types of heat:

  • Moist heat
  • Dry heat

Heat patches heat up quickly, the heat lasts the longest, and they produce dry heat, which leaves your skin hydrated without moisture. Heat wraps, on the other hand, produce moist heat, which gives deeper penetration of heat into your skin, providing immense relief. This is because moisture conducts heat better into the body. The only downside is that moist heat doesn't last as long as dry heat. Precautions to Take When Using Heat Patches and Wraps Both are exceptionally delightful and effective products to use for your backaches, neck aches, shoulders, etc. They must, however, be used following strict instructions to get the best results. Misusing them worsens aches and inflammations. So, here are some precautions.

  • Never place a heat patch directly on your skin. It can cause skin burns
  • Always wrap them with a piece of clothing or a towel made of light material before using them on the skin
  • Start with low heat, then slowly increase
  • Don't use a heating pad on a particular area for more than 20 minutes
  • Avoid sitting on a heating pad for too long to prevent skin burn and breaking the electrical circuits

When to Avoid Heating pads are the best when it comes to alleviating body aches, but sometimes, using one when it's not required could aggravate the condition. Instances like:

  • Bruising and swelling
  • An open wound
  • A freshly pulled muscle
  • Any part of the skin that inflamed
  • A diabetic patient

As mentioned earlier, heating pads and wraps are effective pain relievers -if used properly. So, no more unbearable backache, neck ache, painful muscles, and entire body aches. At Vitabox, we've got the best heat patches & wraps. So, you can rest assured of effective ache relief.