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Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet
  • Foot Lotions and Creams: In this category, various products are here to ensure your feet are moisturized, making dry feet a solved problem. From athlete's foot to itchy foot to itchy feet and cracked heels, every problem meets its solution here.
  • Hand and Foot Salts and Soaks: There are therapeutic soaks and some made of salt solutions that can treat fungi in the foot, soothe sore feet, helps the toenail system, get rid of toxins and odors, and keep the feet in optimal shape. The same goes for the hand; these soaks can be used to treat infections and painful conditions in the hands and fingernails.
  • Hand and Foot Scrubs: There are various kinds of scrubs available here for the hands and feet, like sponges and scrubbing pads. There are designed to remove dead skin cells from the hands and feet via exfoliating. Various ingredients like lavender, shea butter, tree tea oils, seaweeds are incorporated into these scrubs to provide the results that customers will be experiencing.
  • Accessories: Find a variety of tools that can take proper care of your hands and feet in this category. Tools like callus remover, natural stones, hand massage therapeutic balls, paraffin wax machine, nail drills, and many more are available.
  • Lotions and Creams: There are various hand lotions and creams available in this category to get rid of dry skin, moisturize the hand and prevent aging. These creams and lotions are specially formulated for the hands and made of special ingredients as well.
  • Hand Wash and Soaps: Washing your hands regularly with soap and water is key to staying free from germs and viral infection. With a wide range of hand wash and soaps in this category, you can find products that are handy with no side effects to protect you from germs.
  • Moisturizing Socks: Special moisturizing socks for the feet and heels are available to get rid of pains, soothe the feet in coolness, treat cracked heels, and many more.