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Hand & Foot Baths

Hand & Foot Baths

Hand and foot baths are typically used as a form of self-care, and can be used prior to a massage or as a stand-alone activity. These baths are prepared with essential oils and other fine ingredients to provide soothing relief to the hands and feet. In the principle of reflexology and/or pressure massage, the entire body is represented in the feet, making it a major access point to the body.

How to Use Hand and Foot Baths

  • Place your hands or feet inside the prepared solution on the bath and leave them there for about 10-15 minutes.
  • While in the foot bath, you can be massaging the upper parts of your legs around the knee.
  • After 15 minutes, dry the hands or feet with a dry cloth and then apply a moisturizing cream.
  • If you are going in for a massage, it's time to apply the special massage cream and get started.
  • You can also apply the essential oil you used in the bath in place of a moisturizing cream.

Benefits of Hand and Foot Baths

  • Provides Relief from Pains: Pains in the hands and feet resulting from inflammation, rheumatism, arthritis, and stress after walking for a long time can be relieved with a bath treatment.
  • Pre-massage Treatment: Before going into a full massage section, the hands and feet baths can warm up the hands and feet to make them more responsive to the massages when the process begins.
  • Helps in Relaxation: After a long day at work or after a hike, a feet bath can make for a great relaxation process as it pacifies the stressed nerves on the feet and soothes every ache down there.
  • Can Facilitate Healing: Feet and Hand baths can encourage the healing process of certain feet conditions like cracked feet, dry feet, aches, athlete's foot, and many more.