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Hair Color

Hair Color

People dye their hair to look good or to follow the latest fashion trends. Regardless of your reason for coloring your hair, you must choose the best hair color. If you cannot choose the best hair color, it may be risky, especially if it contains harmful chemicals or ingredients. Below are some of the ingredients the best hair color must and mustn't contain:

Hair Dye Products with Henna

Also called Lawsonia Inermis, henna is an important ingredient in hair color. Hair color cannot be suitable for you if it doesn't contain this natural ingredient. This is because henna helps to eliminate dandruff and fungi in the hair. Additionally, it also prevents hair loss, and that's not all. Henna also prevents the hair from premature graying, and this is because of the tannins it contains. Interestingly, using a hair color made from henna will ensure that your hair is soft because it contains vitamin E.

What to Avoid

Ammonia is an important ingredient you should look out for when choosing the best hair color. Even though Ammonia helps to lighten the natural color of your hair so that it can be dyed, it can be very dangerous if used in excess. Choosing a hair product that doesn't contain Ammonia will ensure that your hair is healthier and more natural looking. Your hair is very important, and you should treat it as such. Choosing the best hair color is easy because Vitabox has carefully done the background work for you. So, check out our list of the best hair color and pick your favorite.