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Hair Clips

Hair Clips

For the longest time, hair clips have been used by females to hold their hair in place. Not only for that but, at some point, turned into some fashion trend. Some people might even say that a woman looks unkempt with loose hair showing, and there comes in the use of a barrette or hair clip, as it is commonly called. Asides from it being a great way to keep your hair in place, it can also be used as adornment as it comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Hair clips are usually made of plastic or metal. Thereby, making them an accessory that beautifies the hair and can also complement one's outfit or occasion.

Hair Clips You can Trust

Hair clips have a broad range of use. From keeping your hair from falling over your face to holding in a bun to keeping your hair in place while styling it. They can be used so differently in pretty amazing ways. You are going to discover the types available and how they should be used because not knowing what and how to use some hair clips might be quite detrimental to your hair. Here a few:

  • Bobby Pins: These are traditional hair clips with a simple appearance. They are also very affordable. Bobby pins help hold hair just where it's wanted and they typically have two protective balls at the tip. Note that without those balls, the pin might pull on some hair strands.
  • Snap Clip: This is one famous hair clip that young girls use well. It is metallic and is an excellent ornament for the hair. It's beneficial for thick and thin hair and it also has a variety of colors which makes it suitable if you need a little pop of color for your outfit.
  • Double Prong Curl: This is a perfect hair clip if you want your hair in place while getting your hair done. If you don't like your clips slipping or giving your hair a weird form when it's wet, then this is the right clip for you.

Other Worthy Mentions:

  • The butterfly clip
  • Banana clip
  • Alligator clip
  • Classic hinges barrettes
  • Natural-colored clip

Benefits of Hair Clips

  • Easy to wear
  • Safe to use
  • Causes no damage
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • Can be styled in different ways

Fastening your hair has never been more effortless and fashionable than it is now with hair clips. Save yourself the trouble of constantly adjusting your hair throughout the day while looking stylish.