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Hair Bleach

Hair Bleach

Hair Bleach is a chemical dye used to change the color of hairs for women to their favorite blonde and have that makeover starting from their hair. The bleach dissolves the natural melanin color of the hair and via the process, imposes its color on the hair to achieve the desired result for the lady involved. Most hair bleaches generally lighten the color of the hair by removing all of its pigment. There are different kinds of hair bleaches available for those who want to appear different and even out color shades of their hair. From the cream lightener to the blue lightener and natural hair bleach lightener that can lighten the hair in 30 minutes, we have them.

How to Use Hair Bleach

Before bleaching your hair, you need to get prepared, and if your hair is in bad condition, you might need to wait for a little time for it to recover because bleaching is a chemical process. You can prepare by getting the following:

  • The hair bleach of your choice from our store
  • an old shirt
  • shampoo
  • hair clip
  • a towel, which you'll dispose of after use When all these are ready, you can begin the process with the steps below:
  • Separate the hair into four different sections so that you can easily apply the hair bleach.
  • Apply it and avoid the scalp by at least 1 inch for now. This is because the chemical reacts to body heat faster. So, it should be the last.
  • Leave the hair for at least 30 minutes depending on the instructions of the bleach.
  • Shampoo thoroughly afterward.

Precautions and What to Avoid When Using Hair Bleach

While using hair bleach, note that it weakens the hair due to the action of the chemicals involved. Here are a few things to avoid and note.

  • Do not use hot styling on your hair after bleaching for at least 3 weeks.
  • Be careful of the kind of hair products you use after bleaching. The hair needs products that will be light on it and not harsh.
  • Always use shampoo and coconut oil to ensure you maintain the moisture and health of the hair.
  • If your hair is weak and in bad shape, do not bleach it.

Benefits of Bleaching Hair

  • Bleaching can balance the tone of your hair if you have uneven colors.
  • It can cover grey areas completely and boost your confidence.
  • You can have your favorite color and in a lighter shade if you want.
  • If you want a new look, bleaching your hair can give you that.

Side Effects that May Occur

Although not everyone will get these side effects, here are some that one might notice on the hair:

  • Your hair dries up, which is why you need oils.
  • You may experience discolored hair, making it look odd and unhealthy.
  • If you apply it too early on your scalp, it could cause injuries.
  • Your hair tends to be softer and lighter, leading to breakage from aggressive combing.
  • You will have to keep up with high maintenance practices for your bleached hair.