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No cover-up here—Febreze has the only lineup of air fresheners that truly clean away stink. So whether you’re looking for an instant burst of “ahh” or continuous freshness, you know Febreze has got your back (and nose). Check out all the ways Febreze can help keep your life guest-ready and odor-free.

What is Febreze made of?

  1. odor trappers — Cyclodextrin is a starch molecule made from corn and is shaped like a donut. Stinky molecules are pulled into cyclodextrin’s center and locked away to be eliminated and never smelled again (like yesterday’s bacon and egg sandwich after Febreze Air Effects is sprayed).
  2. odor converters — These bad boys (and girls) are reactive perfume ingredients, eliminating even the broadest range of odors. They do so by binding to those “ew”-inducing molecules and never letting go. Well, until the odors agree to change their stinky selves, which they do. Way to go, odor converters! Smell it in action with a Febreze PLUG.
  3. odor neutralizers — Citric acid, found in lemons and other citrus fruits, neutralizes and eliminates odors by balancing their pH to that of water. Which, in case you were wondering, is a perfectly balanced 7. Smell their neutralizing effect in Febreze Air Effects.
  4. odor magnets — This polymer is made specifically for the fabric odors, with love from Febreze Fabric Refresher. We call the duo "PSB," but you can call it an odor magnet. It does double duty by digging deep to attract and then extract up to 300 quintillion odors from all your hard-to-wash soft surfaces (and that’s just one bottle). You know, the classic Febreze trap-and-lock trick.