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False Nails

False Nails

Women often love to look more beautiful by adding beauty and fashion accessories to their nails. One of the popular fashion accessories worn over the nails is false nails. Often referred to as artificial nails, they are worn to protect the nails and beautify the hands.

Best False Nails

The FDA is responsible for regulating cosmetics products, including false nails. When buying false nails, always check if it is approved or not. You can find out by checking if certain toxic chemicals aren't present in the ingredients. The best false nails are produced with toxic-free chemicals for the safety of users.

Materials of False Nails

Certain materials should be present in false nails for the safety of their wearers. Some of them include:

  • An Acrylic Polymer: This is the primary material used to produce false nails, and this is due to its various capabilities. It offers flexibility for use as ink for vinyl substrates. They make perfect coatings for vinyl materials. Acrylic polymer is highly resistant to acids and alkalis, thus hindering any threat from acid and alkalis. False nails tend to last on their wearer because of it. Additionally, it has excellent properties of abrasion and can also resist corrosion.
  • Ethyl Methacrylate: Another ingredient is ethyl methacrylate which functions as an adhesive to apply false nails. It also helps the false nails to mold and sticks to the natural plate of nails.

How to Use False Nails

  • Take off old polish or nails
  • Soak nails
  • File nails
  • Push back cuticles
  • Layout false nails
  • Clean up nail glue
  • Apply false nails

Benefits of False Nails

  • It adds to the beauty of those that wear it.
  • It helps in concealing or fixing broken, damaged, short, or any other deformities in nails.
  • It serves as a means for growing the length and strength of natural nails as desired by its wearers.
  • They serve as protection for the nails.

Effects of Using False Nails

  • False nails lengthen shorter nails and roundness and perfect edges to rough fingernails
  • Natural nails can get weaker if consistently used
  • An elegant fashion statement can be made with the use of false nails.

False nails are a great way to improve your style. They are long-lasting and just what any hands need for beautification. Trust our service at Vitabox to provide only the best false nails.