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False Eyelashes & Adhesives

False Eyelashes & Adhesives

False eyelashes may improve your appearance, but they are useless without the correct adhesives. Although many false eyelash kits include adhesive materials, they aren't as effective as purchasing a premium adhesive that delivers excellent results. Whether you choose a clear, dark, or water-resistant eyelash glue, you're likely to discover one that meets your needs and exceeds your cosmetic expectations. This guide will show you how to select the best artificial eyelashes and adhesives.

Choosing False Eyelashes

  • Individual lashes are a good option for a less dramatic effect. Individual lashes, as opposed to strip lashes, are packed in tiny portions and contain just 30-60 locks of hair.
  • Choose strip lashes for a more dramatic effect. Strip lashes are applied on top of your natural lashes, giving your lash line a dramatic boost.
  • Choose lashes that complement your natural lash color. As a result, your artificial lashes will appear smooth and will not conflict with your real lashes.
  • Select lash adhesives for one-time use. Clear or transparent eyelash adhesives are a safe, long-lasting option for keeping your lashes in place.

Adhesive Types

  • Clear False Eyelash Adhesive: Clear lash glue is flexible and simple to apply, making it ideal for first-time false lash users. They are undetectable when combined with artificial lashes, so don't be concerned if you make a mistake during your application. It's also ideal for people who commute a lot and don't have much time to fuss over perfection.
  • Dark False Eyelash Adhesive: These adhesives provide a deep, shimmery sheen that conceals lash strips on fake lashes but takes more skill to apply. Choose these adhesives for the illusion of increased volume and more natural-looking lashes. 
  • Waterproof False Eyelash Adhesive: Waterproof fake eyelash adhesives are ideal for active people since they keep your lashes from falling out while you're diving, exercising, or out in the rain. Waterproof lash adhesives are available in both clear and dark varieties to accommodate any taste or level of skill.

Things to Look Out For

  • Ease of Use: While putting artificial eyelashes isn't the simplest grooming activity, certain lash adhesives are more user-friendly than others. Many high-quality adhesives come with small brushes that allow you to carefully apply the glue on the eyelash strands.
  • Comfort: Because you'll most likely be wearing your fake eyelashes for several hours at a time, comfort is critical when selecting a lash adhesive. Quality artificial eyelash adhesives are composed of natural, non-irritating latex, while some are created without latex for people who have delicate skins or allergies. You may also look out for adhesives that contain calming chamomile for extra user comfort.
  • Appearance: The appearance of lash glue when applied is equally as significant as the appearance of the lashes themselves. Excellent adhesives should provide a smooth, natural-looking lash line. A good glue should also not leave any unwanted trace on your artificial lashes.
  • Longevity:You should also consider how long the glue will stay on your eyelids because you don't want your lashes to come free or come off at the wrong moment. A good lash glue should hold your fake lashes in place on your eyelids for at least 16 to 24 hours.