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Eyeshadows are a major part of female beauty products. Getting the right eyeshadow means choosing those made with safe, healthy and quality ingredients. To do this, you should know what you are looking for.

Getting the Best Eyeshadow

Typically, eyeshadows can be made from anything, depending on the color and the producer, it can range from chemical-free to full chemical products. The best way to know the chemical components of any eyeshadow brand is by reading the ingredients label.
People succumb to chemical included products most times due to their clarity with little quantity and their durability. But eventually, it can be very harmful. For this reason, the best eyeshadows should be made with completely natural products.

Ingredients in An Eyeshadow

To get the best, only choose products made with natural ingredients. This should inevitably include:

  • Cocoa: For those looking to get the dark brown shade, ground cocoa is a fantastic ingredient. It can be mixed with a lighter color blend to create lighter shades of brown.
  • Bentonite Clay: This is yet another option for color formation and alteration. However, it is also potent against antibacterial and toxins. It's also rich in several minerals.
  • Nutmeg: This is a great option for mixing colors. It's not only a color but very potent for skin health.
  • Turmeric: This is used to achieve a yellow or gold look.
  • Shea Butter: This serves as a bases oil for mixing the coloring powder. It is rich in Vitamin E, C, and D.

Benefits of Natural Eyeshadows

  • They are used artistically in makeup design
  • They are an essential part of eye makeup
  • They are accessories to your fashion statement
  • Natural ingredients found in these products help the skin and eye health since they are easily absorbed
  • The right product is long-lasting and durable

Precautions and What to Avoid

  • Don't buy those made with chemicals. They end up hurting your skin in the long run
  • Take caution to buy only products with natural ingredients you are not allergic to
  • Don't purchase those with scents or flavors. They are mostly artificial
  • Take caution when applying to avoid an overuse
  • Avoid applying with your hand; use an eyeshadow brush

How to Use an Eyeshadow

  • Apply your base makeup; that is foundation and powder
  • Apply the eyeshadow over your eyelid one at a time
  • Use an eyeshadow brush for better results
  • Depending on your artistic prowess, you may use one or more color
  • Paint sideways and not from up to down for better results
  • To get an even edge, do not apply rotationally
  • Restrict the paint to within the eyelid space
  • Clean off excess spreading at the sides or edges of the eyes and those spreading over the eyebrow
  • With beauty tips at their peak in today's world, healthy, durable, and efficient are hard to find in one product. Get all and more in one place with our selection of products.