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Eyeliner Brushes

Eyeliner Brushes

Eyeliner brushes are used to achieve the perfect shape you want for your eyes. Perhaps, you might be using the eyeliner brush that tagged along with your makeup kit or eyeliner product and then you've been wondering why you can't get the cat-eyed shape you desire for your eyes. The truth is those brushes that were made for achieving natural eye shape are not for the advanced shapes. So that's where you've been getting it all wrong.

Tips for Selecting the Right Eyeliner Brushes

When choosing eyeliner brushes, the kind of shape you want for your eyes should inform your choice more than anything else. With that in mind, let's look at some shapes and their befitting eyeliner brushes.

  • Cat Eye Shape: If you want this shape, you can't use a regular eyeliner brush. Use either a dome-shaped semi flat brush or an angled, bent eyeliner brush.
  • Simple Eye Defining Line: Here, you can use your regular eyeliner brush, flat tip brush or angled bent eyeliner brush.
  • Winged Eye Line Shape: An angled tip brush or an angled, bent eyeliner should do the trick here for you.