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Eye Liners

Eye Liners

Eyeliners are parts of cosmetics used in makeup routines to define the contours of the eyes by either making them appear more beautiful, wider, cat-shaped, or smaller. They are drawn above and/or below the lashes and even on the water lines of eyes in rare cases. They are available in different shades, and all types are geared towards making the eyes appear sharper and attractive.

Types of Eyeliners

There are three main and popular types of eyeliners used in today's cosmetic industry. The good part is that we have them all to soothe your preferences and styles. They are:

  • Pencil Eyeliner
  • Liquid Eyeliner
  • Gel-based Eyeliners

Pencil Eyeliner

is the most popular as it is very easy to use by just anyone without any expertise required. The same way you use your pencils, you can use them to draw the lines on your eyes.

Gel-based and Liquid Eyeliners

are not that simple in application, but they last longer on the eyes and create a better attractive appearance than the pencils. They have more advantages when it comes to makeup than pencils. Other types of eyeliners include:

  • Shimmer liners
  • Powder-based eyeliners
  • Wax-based eyeliners
  • Kohl eyeliners

How to Use Pencil Eyeliners

These types are easy to use. They already come in their colors. All you need to do is:

  • Sharpen the pencil.
  • Apply on the lines under your lashes or above them following the contour lines.

How to Use Liquid Eyeliners

  • Make sure the bottle is well closed, and then shake it, so the liquid mixes very well.
  • Pull out the brush from its bottle (it's now soaked with the liquid).
  • Then, apply above the lines on your upper lashes closely. Start from one end and move to the other.
  • Repeat the process for your lower lashes to get a winged shape.

How to Use Gel-based Eyeliners

  • Unscrew the gel liner from its holder to get the brush.
  • Dip it in the gel solution and begin the application.
  • Start from one side above the lines of your upper lashes and move to the other end slowly.
  • Nails dry faster, so ensure you cover the bottle after dipping the brush in the solution.
  • When you're done with the upper lashes, repeat the process for the lower lashes.

Precautions and What to Avoid

  • Never apply eyeliners while you are driving or in a moving vehicle.
  • Discard your liners after every 3 months and get another.
  • Applying the eyeliners on the water lines of your eyes isn't safe, be content with the external contours.
  • Always endeavor to read guides and precautions written on the labels.
  • If your hands are shaky when applying eyeliner, it's best to let someone do it for you to avoid poking your eyes with the pencil or brush.

Benefits of Using Eyeliners

  • Your eyes appear bolder and sexier.
  • Liquid eyeliners last longer than every other type.
  • You tend to appear more attractive with sharper eye lines.
  • You can get creative with them to appear even sexier.
  • The cat-eye shape can be achieved with an eyeliner, and that's super-sexy.