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Endurance & Energy Products

Endurance & Energy Products

We could all use a little more energy to get us through the day from time to time, but with so many endurance and energy drinks on the market, how can you know which one is the best?

What to Look Out For


  • Quantity: Caffeine is the most common component in practically all energy drinks. It is critical to ensure that the energy drink you consume has no more than 300 mg of caffeine. Moreover, the recommended daily dosage is 400 mg, so keep this in mind since caffeine may be addictive, causing you to consume more than the recommended daily dose.
  • Source: When shopping for an energy drink, you should look out for the caffeine source as well. Synthetic caffeine, which is typically utilized in most commercial energy drinks, is absorbed faster by the body than organically obtained caffeine. This is why many people feel a sudden burst of energy followed by a harsh fall. To prevent this, opt for endurance and energy drinks that contain organic caffeine derived from green tea. Some endurance drinks are 100% plant-based and may give you energy throughout the day by utilizing organic caffeine derived from green tea.

No Added Sugar

  • Energy: A lot of energy drinks are high in sugar, which is not the ideal approach to increase your energy levels. Consuming too much sugar might cause an energy collapse or make you feel slow.
  • Blood Sugar Levels: Energy drinks with a lot of sugar can give you a lot of energy in a short period, but they are incredibly bad for your health. This is important if you have diabetes or are attempting to regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • Natural: Consider beverages that have no added sugar and are sweetened with natural fruit juices.

No Artificial Ingredients

  • Harmful Ingredients: With so many alternatives on the market, many energy drinks are loaded with artificial chemicals, chemical flavoring, and preservatives. However, there are a few beverages on the market today that do not include any harmful ingredients while still providing you with the energy you require.

Vitamins that Provide Energy

  • Natural Source of Energy: You should choose energy drinks supplemented with vitamins and antioxidants. B vitamins are required for the conversion of food into energy. A lot of energy drinks now contain B vitamins which are necessary for our bodies to break down and utilize the energy available in the meals and beverages we eat.


  • Cognitive Function: Another ingredient you should be on the lookout for is adaptogens. A few endurance and energy drinks are now loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and adaptogens to help with muscular discomfort, cognitive function, and relaxation. The next time you go shopping for endurance and energy beverages, search for adaptogens in the ingredient list.