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Dog Treats

Dog Treats

Pets deserve to be spoiled too and, treats serve this purpose effectively. As they provide some companionship and comfort, treats make them feel better, less aggressive, and less cranky. We've got different types of treats in different categories for your dogs.
They are soft and chewable to pamper the canine dentition of your dogs. Some of them are produced to taste like bones and bone marrows to give the dogs the feeling of chewing the bones that they love. With a large variety of treats available, you can find something delectable that will make your dog feel loved and do your biddings whenever you want.

Types of Dog Treats

Delicious treats are available for your dog in the following categories.

  • Dog Bone Treats: Let them have the feeling of chewing on bones with bone treats like peanut bones, venison antler, deer antler, and many others.
  • Dog Jerky Treats: Lots of jerky treats are available here for your dog. Some are made with chicken, while some are made with real steak or real duck, which offer the perfect treat delight for your dog.
  • Dog Rawhide Treats: Get them to feel the mild and soft sensation of chewing the hides of animals with rawhide treats. There are lots of options available here. From hygiene chewable to hides made with real chicken and vegetables, there's enough for your dog to feel loved.
  • Dog Treat Animal Ears: Have your dog enjoy some of these soft and chewable pig ears as well as lamb ears.
  • Dog Cookies and Biscuits: Dogs love cookies as well. You can grant them this desire with different kinds of cookies and biscuits specially made for them. This is to ensure you are not feeding them what is meant for humans at the detriment of their health.

How to Choose Dog Treats

  • When choosing treats for your dog, you should be wary of choosing treats that are high in fat so that you don't end up growing an overweight dog.
  • You should look out for treats that come with the specific amount of calories contained inside. Ideally, your dog shouldn't be having more than 10 calories daily, so the calorie content should be at least moderate.
  • Some of the treats might have grapes, raisins, and some other fruits as their ingredients. These might be healthy for humans but certainly not for dogs. You should look out for these as well.
  • Some sweeteners like xylitol are potential allergens. You need to be careful to avoid them when buying treats for your dog. Too many sweeteners are not recommended, and you don't want to be overfeeding your dog with such artificial diets.

Benefits of Dog Treats

Here are some of the benefits of giving your dog treats.

  • They tend to be more social with you.
  • Reduces aggressive behaviors.
  • Enforces loyalty on their part.
  • Makes them happy at all times.
  • Some of the treats also add nutritional value to their health.