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Dog Toys

Dog Toys

If you have pet dogs, then you will understand that they are like your toddlers, and play is a major part of their lives. Toys can help enhance their play lives, make it more fun, and keep them busy while you're out and about. Sometimes, these pets of yours get bored while you are away and might start playing with things they aren't supposed to play with, like chew on your furniture. But you can avoid all that if you get these toys below:

  • Dog Chew Toys

    Dogs love to chew and nibble things in their mouth. You can keep them busy with these indestructible and chewy toys. Some of these toys look like bones, while some take the shape of fruits, rings, and other shapes. Whenever they feel like chewing something, they can always make do with the toy. However, feed them regularly, so they don't mistake the toys for food.
  • Dog Flying Discs

    These flying discs are all plastics, they don't hurt the dog, and they serve as a perfect playmate. They can roll it and chase it. When it's caught, they grab it with their mouth. It's quite fun for them, and they have a suitable companion with these.
  • Dog Rope Toys

    When it's time for play, whatever you throw at your dogs, they rush after it and drag with their mouth. If it's a material made of cotton, it can be torn, but you can use a rope in the stead of it. These rope toys are just like regular ropes, but they are made of plastics so they can be chewed by dogs. At Vitabox, we have these ropes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You can as well pack the variety and make your dogs have fun with them.
  • Dog Squeaky Toys

    This has got to be one of the favorite toys of dogs. The squeaky sounds emitted by the toys give dogs a sense of connection with the toys. When they bite and chew on it, it screams with a squeaky sound and makes the dogs feel relieved that they are producing a sound out of it. It also makes them feel more like the predators that they are.
  • Dog Toy Balls

    Dogs love to play with balls. If you roll any at them, they'll gladly chase after it and play with it. You can give them that kind of fun with specialized toy balls that will be soft on them. They could end up tearing yours, so give them the one that's designed for them. We have them in different colors, shades, textures, and sizes for all kinds of dogs.
  • Plush Toys for Dogs

    Plush toys are like teddies for dogs. They are soft and can be snuggled up by dogs. They can lie on top of them to enjoy the cushioning effect that the plush toys afford. It could also be a favorite toy of your dog since it's more comfortable than most of the other toys. At Vitabox, we also have these toys in different shapes, and sizes. Some take after the shapes of other animals like ducks, squirrels, birds, alligators, and a wide variety of shapes that you can select from. Beyond offering your dogs some toys for play, you are giving them a comforter as well.

The above and more are some of the toys that we have for your pet dogs. Play is essential, and they fare off better with specially designed toys rather than using your household items to play with them and end up ruining things up.