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Concealers & Neutralizers

Concealers & Neutralizers

Concealers are makeup tools used to cover up discolorations and blemishes on the face and are usually skin tone colors. In contrast, a neutralizer that comes in non-skin color shades is more of a corrector used alongside or before foundations and concealers to further hide skin discoloration and blemishes. Both tools are essential in makeup art to hide facial blemishes while the makeup is on.

The Best Concealers and Neutralizers Products

The best concealers are creamy in texture and slightly lighter in shade to your foundation. To get this consistency and effect, your concealer would have ingredients like Talc, Macadamia oil, shea butter, Titanium Dioxide, and ground Mica. In contrast, Neutralizers have a more powder-like consistency. There are always contrasting colors to the skin's blemish, such as green, peach, orange, rose, or yellow. The best color neutralizers have Titanium Dioxide, Mica, other pigments, depending on the color, and macadamia oil. These ingredients are safe for human use and have been approved by consumer testing agencies and the FDA.

Benefits of Concealers and Neutralizers

  • Smooth Appearance: When concealers and neutralizers are used together or with foundation, they result from smooth and even-toned skin.
  • Hide Blemishes: Concealers alone are excellent at hiding small blemishes on the face. However, they can hide the darkest blemishes using neutralizers. In many cases used together, they can be used as camouflage pigmentation.
  • Toning: Using together, they can either be used to lighten or darken your skin tone evenly.
  • Give Clarity and Brightness to The Face: With proper use, they can give life and energy to tired, saggy eyes and give more bounce and brightness to puffy and saggy faces.

How to Use Concealers and Neutralizers

There are many ways to use a concealer or neutralizer beyond the usual way done by makeup artists under the eyes. Other options for using the concealer and neutralizer are;

  • For the cheekbones, nose bridge, brow, and chin, they can be used as a highlighter.
  • You can apply it before the eyeshadows to serve as a base.
  • It can be applied to tattoos or birthmarks around the body to hide them.

Concealers and neutralizers take the beauty of eye makeup to a whole new level. Give your face the right art it deserves with trusted products from our store.