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Combat Bug is a pesticide company that manufacturers various products designed to kill ants and roaches. It has its products in two major categories, and all of them are designed to not just terminate roaches and ants but their entire colonies. The killing baits are made with ingredients that attract roaches of all sizes to feed them with baits and let them take it to their nest to destroy other roaches, including their eggs.

Benefits of Using Combat Bugs

  • Kills the Colony and Nest: The bait don't just kill the ants and roaches, they kill the entire colony and family of roaches when the baits are taken to their nest and hideouts. Consequently, it terminates the roaches and ants you see and the ones that you don't see.
  • Comes in Different Formulas: If you prefer killing them on sight, the aerosol sprays are available, and if you just want to let the products do their jobs without your intervention, you can place them in strategic locations and allow them to do their jobs.
  • Products are Odorless and Not Messy: The baits and gels are odorless, so you don't get irritated. They also keep your home free of the mess you would have created if you were to be using ordinary baits on the pests. 

Combat Bugs Products

The products are classed under two categories;

  • The Combat Roach Killers: This houses various products specially made for the termination of roaches and their entire families in nests. Products here include; roach-killing baits strips, combat max baits for large and small roaches, combat kill foam sprays, roach killing gels, and many more.
  • Combat Ant Killers: This houses various products designed for ants. There are ant baits, gel baits, aerosols, and bait strips uniquely designed for terminating ants and their colonies. Whichever method of killing the ants that you prefer, there are various products you can choose from to achieve the purpose.

How to Use Combat Bugs

  • For Combat Ant Killers: Place the bait outdoor or indoors and wait for the ants to eat them while they go and destroy their entire colony. For the gel baits, place the bait station on the floor and remove the cap. Then press the sealed capsule to align in place for release. Press the capsule strongly, so it breaks the bottom seal and releases the bait into the station.
  • For Combat Roach Killers: Simply put the roach baits in areas where you are certain the roaches will be. Leave it and continue with your daily activities as the baits do their jobs. 
  • For sprays: apply them in the cracks, drains, and pipes that you can find. Ensure the spray goes into the holes and cracks in sufficient amounts.
  • For contact applications: spray directly to the insects and spray into their visible hiding areas.

How They Work

  • The roaches and ants enter the bait station after being attracted by the food.
  • They eat the bait and take it to their nest or colonies in the case of ants.
  • Then the roaches and ants share the bait with other roaches, or ants killing the entire family and even the eggs.


  • For gel bait, replace the lids after 1 month
  • Do not use in a way that is different from the directions for use on the labels
  • Do not remove bait labels in the station
  • Replace all baits after every 3 months
  • Do not use sprays on the bait station

Active Ingredient

The active ingredient present in the Combat Bugs products is Hydramethylon.