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    3 products
    Wet Ones

    Wet Ones is an American brand that specializes in the manufacturing of various hand care products like hand wipes and sanitizers of different kinds. With special attention to hygiene, all Wet Ones products kill up to 99% of germs and are gentle on the hands to keep every customer protected as they get their hands on different things. All products comply with CDC hand hygiene standards and are formulated to incorporate sensitive skins.

    Wet Ones Products

    Wet Ones Hand Wipes
    Various kinds of hand wipes are available under the Wet Ones hand wipes category. They come in several sizes to accommodate the needs of adults and kids alike. Some hands are bigger than others, and that's another good reason the hand wipes come in varying sizes. In terms of sizes, you can find them in the following types;

    • Cannisters
    • Travel packs
    • Singles
    • Flip tops

    They also come in different scents because we all have our unique preferences when it comes to fragrance. Some of the scents variants include;

    • Spring Bliss
    • Tropical Splash
    • Fresh Scent
    • Ocean Breeze


    And there are fragrance-free hand wipes for customers who do not want the scents at all.

    Wet Ones Hand Sanitizers
    Hand sanitizers have never been this prominent in the last year and a half, and Wet Ones have them in different types. All of them are made to kill bacteria and germs in less than a minute. They all come with fresh scents, in singular forms, and in packs containing a mix of sanitizers that can be purchased.

    Benefits of Wet Ones Products

    • Be Free from Germs and Bacteria: The hands are one of the most porous access points of germs into the body. Hands are used on rails, to shake people, to hold various items, and to do a lot of things. This makes them vulnerable to germs and bacteria. The Wet Ones products are your best shot at saying free from germs and bacteria.
    • No Irritations: Wet Ones products are formulated to handle sensitive skins, so there's barely a case of skin irritations when used. There's a special hand sanitizer and wipe for sensitive skin, which is patented by the Wet Ones brand. Its products are also gentle on the hands to make them soft and also free of germs.
    • Portable and for All Seasons: Wet Ones antibacterial hand wipes and sanitizer are portable and can be used for every season, whether it's summer or winter.


    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Do not let the products come in contact with the eyes or mouth. Report to a doctor immediately if this occurs.
    • If there's any irritation or rash in the course of usage, consult a doctor after it persists for 72 hours.
    • Wet Ones products are for external use only and the hands.
    • Dispose after use and do not flush down the toilet.