3 products

    3 products

    Part of the allure of TUMS is that its primary active ingredient is a naturally mined product: Calcium carbonate. In other words, a simple ingredient that does a lot to provide heartburn relief. The Digestive process does not always work the way it should -it's not uncommon for acid to back up in the stomach and flow into the esophagus, causing heartburn. This may be caused by spicy or fatty foods, eating before bed, drinking too much, stress, and smoking. But calcium carbonate fights heartburn. TUMS antacid travels directly to the source, dissolving easily and neutralizing acid on contact. As a result, TUMS antacid starts working in seconds. It has been trusted by millions of people for more than eight decades now. Consumers have relied on the same active ingredient -calcium carbonate, for effective heartburn relief since 1930.

    TUMS Antacid Products

    Various medications are available under the TUMS Antacid brand. They come in different forms and are made of different ingredients. However, all of them offer instant relief from heartburn, sour stomach, stomach upset, and acid indigestion. Below are the various products we have in store for you;

    • TUMS® Sugar-free melon berry flavor
    • TUMS® Smoothies
    • TUMS® Naturals
    • TUMS® Chewy Bites
    • TUMS® Chewy Bites with Gas Relief
    • TUMS® Chewy Bites with Cooling Sensation
    • TUMS® Ultra Strength 1000
    • TUMS® Extra Strength 750
    • TUMS® Regular Strength 500
    • TUMS® Chewy Delight

    Using TUMS® Antacid Products

    With a wide range of products meant to relieve heartburn under the TUMS® Antacid brand, there are also different ways they can be used.

    • For Chewy Bites, they are simply chewed and enjoyed in the many flavors and variants they come in.
    • For Smoothies and Sugar-free Berry Flavor, shake the bottles very well before using them and follow the dosage or directions on the pack detailing how to use them. Some might require you to mix them with a little amount of water, while some might not.
    • The rest of the products are in tablet forms and are to be taken according to the prescribed dosage on the packs.


    • For the tablets, never use more than 6 or 10 in a day.
    • Pregnant women should consult with their doctors before using this product.
    • If you are already using another medication, inquire from your doctor if it's safe for you to use this product.
    • As a rule of thumb, keep out of reach of children.
    • This drug is meant for people from the age of 12 and above.

    Benefits of Using TUMS® Antacid Products

    • Provides fast relief from heartburn, acid indigestion, stomach upset, sour stomach, and associated symptoms.
    • With the varieties, you can choose any product that is convenient for you to take.
    • TUMS® goes into action in seconds, and you are relieved immediately.