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    Sea Breeze

    Sea Breeze is a skincare brand that offers cleansing products formulated to deep clean the skin and give it a refreshing look. The Sea Breeze brand has two products, the original classic and the sensitive skin with both active in the job of cleansing the skin. 

    Active Ingredients

    The active ingredients present in both products offered by the brand include; camphor, peppermint oil, water, denatured alcohol, eugenol, and clove oil.

    Types of Sea Breeze Products

    • The Original/Classic Clean Astringent Skin Cleanse: The original formula deep cleanses the skin and gets rid of the debris to keep the skin clean and fresh. It also causes the pore to fade away and protects the skin from all of the harmful exposure it might have been through. To crown it all, the original astringent contains natural oils that soothe and refresh the skin to give it a young, healthy appearance.
    • Sensitive Astringent Skin Cleanse: Just like the name implies, this variant is for sensitive skins, so it doesn't cause irritations when applied and is suitable for all kinds of skins. It is formulated with traditional ingredients that help smoothen the skin, clear off debris and dead skin, and protect the skin from dangerous exposure.

    How to Use Sea Breeze Products

    • Simply wash your face with soap and water, and then dry clean it with a soft neat towel.
    • When it's dry, add the sea breeze-sensitive astringent to a cotton swab and apply it across the face.
    • You can focus on special areas of the face or other parts of the skin that needs cleansing.
    • The products can be used more than once a day. In the morning and before bedtime at night.

    Benefits of Sea Breeze Products

    • Keeps the Skin Clean and Refreshed: With all of its cleansing powers that serve to get rid of debris, dead skin, pores, and dirt, the skin remains clean and fresh. It deep cleans down to the pores of the skin and offers protection from harmful exposures.
    • Clears Acne and Keeps the Skin Healthy: The presence of alcohol in the mixture of its ingredients helps it to fight against acne and keep the skin in optimal health.
    • Best for Any Skin Type: While it is common for people not to find the right kind of skincare product that suits their sensitive skin, the sea breeze product takes care of that easily with its sensitive astringent that is reserved for all sensitive skins. People with less sensitive skins can make do with the classic astringent.


    • Do not allow products to get close to the eyes and mouth.
    • Keep out of reach of children.