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    Resolve is a carpet cleaning brand that creates a wide range of products meant for cleaning high traffic carpets. Its products can be used on carpets made of different materials, can be used in cushions, curtains, upholstery, area rugs, throw pillows, and even mattresses. The products can get rid of stains on the carpet. They are friendly for pets and kids, and eliminate odors from pets' urine on the carpet or from any other source.

    Why Buy Resolve?

    Resolve carpet cleaning product provides all-round cleaning for your carpet. It can cover large areas, get rid of odors and stains, and take care of the tiniest dirt from high traffic areas that vacuuming can't handle.

    Types of Resolve Carpet Cleaning Products

    We have a handful of Resolve Carpet Cleaning Products for those who want their carpets to appear fresher, cleaner, scent better.
    Each comes with its unique function but they all have one common feature and that's in their carpet cleaning abilities.
    The products include:

    • Resolve pet high traffic carpet foam
    • Resolve ultra stain and odor removal
    • Resolve urine destroyer spray stain and odor removal
    • Resolve ultra stain and odor removal for less messes
      Resolve pet steam cleaner solution
      Resolve pet carpet cleaner powder
      Resolve easy clean pro
    • Resolve pet steam cleaner solution.
    • Resolve pet carpet cleaner powder.
    • Resolve easy clean pro.

    How to Use Resolve Carpet Cleaning Products

    In using this brand's products for carpet and indoor cleaning needs, below are some things you need to note.
    Vacuum the carpet first to get rid of loose dirt.

    • Shake the can thoroughly for even distribution of the ingredients inside.
    • Hold the can upside down and spray on the carpet giving it a distance of about two feet.
    • Use a damp mop to work the foam into different areas of the carpet.
    • Now repeat the process and when you're certain that the entire area is cleaned up, vacuum dry to remove loosened dirt on the carpet.
    • Only use Resolve easy clean pro for carpets and not for furniture or any other material.
    • When using the products on upholstery and furniture, only use on fabrics coded "ws" or "w". Hence, this is not for use on velvet, silk, leather, or vinyl.

    Things to Avoid

    • Do not allow the content to get close to your eyes when using the products.
    • You should keep out of reach of children as a thumb rule.
    • When heated, the product can explode. Avoid incineration and simply dispose of them.

    Benefits of Using Resolve Carpet Cleaning Products

    • Keeps your carpet free from stains and deodorizes it.
    • You can avoid the possibility of soils settling deep into your carpet in the future.
    • The products can deeply clean your carpets and make them scent better especially high traffic areas.
    • Discourages per re-soiling and re-marking.
    • Gets rid of odors from the carpet.