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    4 products
    Personal Care

    Personal Care Products cover a broad range of products designed to take care of various parts of the body. These products are essential regardless of race, tribe, location, or any factor because one thing is certain; taking care of your body is necessary. From your nails, eyes, skin, hair, and to your sexual health and wellness, products are available for just anyone. And even if you don't care about any of these, you just have to take your shower daily, and we got you right there with some products designed for that purpose. Personal care is non-negotiable, and we ensure you get this right with the perfect products to make it work.

    Personal Care Products Categories

    • Skin Care: Various products are available for the care of the skin; starting from your lips, eyes, and the entire body. Anti-aging creams, acne treatments, and every other product designed to take care of your skin can be found in this category.
    • Bath and Shower: Products that help you get a refreshing shower and stay clean are right here. From soaps, moisturizers, face masks, scrubs, and sanitizers, we've got everything.
    • Oral Care: Products here include; dental floss, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwashes, mouth sprays, and many others meant for taking care of dentition and oral health.
    • Hands and Feet: Find all products for manicure and pedicure needs here, including foot creams, foot peel masks, therapy socks, and many more.
    • Hair Care: From bonnet sleep caps to shampoo, conditioners, relaxers, hair repair serums, and hair thickness, there's a lot for your hair care needs here.
    • Feminine Care: Ladies can get all the pads, body sprays, wipes, tampons, and many other products here to take care of their feminine endowments and glow gracefully.
    • Lip Care: The lips need to stay attractive and fresh. Products like lip gloss, lip balm, chapsticks, moisturizers, and more are here to help get that.
    • Wellness and Relaxation: Find many therapeutic products here to help you relax better and de-stress.
    • Vision Care: From eye drops to eye masks and many more, find all the products you need to take proper care of your eyes here.
    • Sexual Wellness: Your sex life can get a boost from a range of products available here in the male and female categories. It can never remain the same afterward.
    • Personal Hygiene & Fragrance: A vast range of products are available for personal hygiene to keep you clean and free of germs. You can smell better as well with special fragrances available here.

    Precautions for Products

    • All products come with specific instructions on how to use them. Stick to the rules.
    • Keep all products out of reach of children.
    • Always check for expiry dates on the product packs.
    • Some of the products such as lips, oral and feminine care are not meant to be shared. They are strictly personal.
    • If you notice any side effects or allergies, consult your doctor immediately.
    • Store products at room temperature unless told otherwise.