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    Makeup has been in actuality for thousands of years. At first, just as a bit of eye or lip coloring, but now, it has become vital for both men and women as it helps give a more unblemished look and boost confidence. Makeup has evolved so much, and it keeps changing, getting better, and becoming more usual in the everyday life. It is essentially used to enhance body features and better one's appearance when appropriately applied. Any makeup can be found these days, from as little as an eyeliner to a full-body concealer.

    Best Cosmetics for Makeup Lovers

    Selecting the right kind of makeup from an assortment is quite risky. There is never any scarcity of beauty products in general. So, no matter your skin type or color, you'll definitely find the proper foundation, concealer, primer, etc., that will cover any skin imperfections down to the littlest one. Types of makeup you'll find at Vitabox include:

    • Face Makeup: This is probably one you'll hear often. It deals with the entire face. Face makeup typically involves primers, concealers, foundations, highlighter, etc. It evens the skin tone, generally gives a more youthful look and makes one more attractive.
    • Eye Makeup: Also known as Eyeshadow, it is applied predominantly on the brow bones or under the eyes, which can help reduce the visibility of eye bags and hollow eyes. Bad eye makeup can single-handedly ruin an entire makeup look. With a right shade, it gives a more even tone as women tend to have discoloration around the eyes.
    • Lip Makeup: As one of the oldest forms of cosmetics, lipsticks and lipglosses are the perfect go-to makeup for a quick fix. It also works as a great lip enhancer, complements the skin tone, and makes the eyes more distinct. It is exactly what you need to pull your whole makeup look together.
    • Body Makeup:This type of makeup is designed for all other parts of your body below your neckline. From body oils that give that wanted glow to body foundations that spread out to provide an all-round even skin tone. It is not to be substituted for face makeup and vice versa as body makeup is made with a thicker consistency -the body is generally more pigmented and thicker than the face. It covers up all kinds of blotch on the skin, be it age spots, wrinkles, veins, stretch marks, and even scars. Body makeup gives it a faultless look.

    Dos and Don'ts In Makeup

    A makeup enthusiast almost always wear makeup all the time, but there are sometimes one needs to give the skin some free time to avoid clogged pores and breakouts. These are a few pro tips:

    • Wash your makeup brushes occasionally, at least once in two weeks
    • Remove makeup before sleeping
    • Apply moisturizers and sunscreen
    • Don't wear makeup while working out
    • Don't share your makeup
    • Don't wear expired makeup no matter how tempting it is

    Makeup is an exceptional beauty invention. Packed with loads of benefits when used correctly and cautiously. An inspiring experience for all and a fun way of expressing oneself.