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    2 products

    Lubriderm is a skincare brand that specializes in the manufacturing of skin lotions for dry skin and every other type of skin concern. All of the products are formulated by dermatologists, so you can count on them to keep your skin moisturized, fresh and shiny. At VitaBox, we have products available from the Lubriderm brand in different categories and according to various skin challenges for all our esteemed customers like you.

    Lubriderm Products 

    Products are available in three different categories;

    Daily Moisture Lotion
    Just like its name implies, products in this category are designed to moisturize the skin daily. They're formulated with Vitamin B5 alongside other necessary moisturizing ingredients that are found naturally in good-natured skin. It can be used by just anyone but not for children below the age of 3. Products that can be found in this category include;

    • Normal to dry skin daily moisture lotion (fragrance-free)
    • Normal to dry skin daily moisture lotion
    • Normal to dry skin daily moisture lotion Shea plus enriching cocoa butter
    • Normal to dry skin daily moisture lotion with sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 15
    • Normal to dry skin daily moisture lotion Shea plus calming lavender Jasmine

    Men's Lotion 
    Here, there are only two products designed for men alone to cater to their skin. The products are light in texture, moisturizing, non-greasy, and are fast-absorbing. They include; the Men's Skin Men 3-in-1 fragrance-free lotion and the Men's Skin Men 3-in-1 lotion with a light fragrance.

    Therapeutic Lotion 
    Products in this category are uniquely created to address various skin concerns like dry skin, itchy skin, and a few other conditions. They are also designed to restore skin freshness, hydrate the skin, and repair rough dry skins.

    Benefits of Lubriderm Products

    • Formulated by Dermatologists: If you're looking for a product that you can trust then anyone created by a skincare expert should be your best bet. And that's what we see here at Lubriderm - all products formulated by the best hands in the industry (dermatologists).
    • Something for Everyone: The products are designed for just everyone regardless of their age, skin condition, texture, color, or whatever it is. Products are designed for all skin types and can repair skin damages. Even people with tattoos and dry skin as a result of diabetics can find a good product for their skin here.
    • Promote Healthier Skins: If you want your skin to look healthier and fresher, then Lubriderm wants the same for you with all of its products providing all your skincare needs to the latter.