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    There are times we notice dry and cracked skin on our feet caused by varieties of factors. Whatever the factor responsible for the cracked feet may be, one of the most effective ways to get rid of it is the use of Kerasal. It is a highly concentrated skin healing ointment manufactured for the healing of cracked heels and dry feet. Kerasal completes its healing work by renewing the skin, making it fresh and healthy.

    Why Use Kerasal

    • Exfoliation: Kerasal helps to remove dead skin cells from the out skin layer through the exfoliation process. Some people often believe that Kersal can also help to improve the general skin appearance. After the exfoliation process, Kerasal will help shed the dead skin, allowing new skin to surface every four weeks. This process helps unclogs pores on the skin, prevents acne, and improves skin toning.
    • Moisturization: Moisturizing helps to protect the skin while improving the texture and masking the skin imperfections. It also helps to lubricate the skin.

    Kerasal Ingredients

    Some of the ingredients used for Kerasal include;

    • Salicylic Acid: It is a peeling agent, which causes outer skin shedding. It also effectively treats other skin conditions such as psoriasis, seborrhea, and other related skin conditions.
    • Urea: is another ingredient that helps to remove dead skin. It is also effective for wound healing and other skin conditions, as with salicylic acid.
    • Soft white petrolatum: It is a moisturizer that helps treat rough, scaly, itchy, dry, and other kinds of skin irritation. It also assists in softening the skin and reduce flaking or itching.

    How to Use Kerasal

    • Clean the affected part of your feet gently before applying Kersal
    • Shake Kersal well, anytime before use
    • Turn Kersal canister upside down for easy dispensation of foam
    • Gently apply Kerasal on the cracked heel and dry feet according to the direction
    • Leave it for a little while on the skin

    Get soft and fresh skin by bidding farewell to dead skin when you pick up our Kersal product today.