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    Imodium is a multi-symptom anti-diarrhea medication. It is used to treat every symptom of Diarrhea which is a result of the intestines and colon being irritated and therefore moving essential fluids and nutrients from food through the body too quickly. Imodium works to slow the pace of your gastrointestinal tract to a normal pace so that fluids are more effectively absorbed by the small intestine and colon. The active ingredient present in Imodium is called Loperamide. this ingredient is absorbed by your system to slow down the pace of intestinal movements.=

    Best Imodium Products

    Imodium comes in two forms; liquid and caplet forms. Both offer the same relief from diarrhea, gas, bloating, and intestinal disorders. There are also melt-in-mouth tablets that are taking without water because they just melt away on the tongue. There are chewable tablets that can be chewed and afterward digested with water. Whichever form you prefer, we've got them all in store for you.

    How to Use Imodium Products

    - If you are using the liquid form, it is taken orally according to the prescribed dosage, which is easily found on the pack. The liquid should be taken after each stool and works better on an empty stomach. The dosage may vary according to the intensity of the condition, which is also find detailed on the pack.
    - For the chewable caplets, simply chew them on an empty stomach. Take enough water subsequently to cover up for dehydration caused by diarrhea.
    - For the melt-in-mouth tablets, simply open them and place them in your mouth while you allow them to melt away.

    Precautions and Things to Avoid

    • Do not ingest more than 8 mg in 24hours.
    • If diarrhea endures after two days, consult your doctor.
    • Also, report to your doctor after 10 days of treating continuous diarrhea with the product.
    • If you have underlying medical conditions, do not take this drug without consulting your doctor first.
    • For pregnant women and nursing mothers, this drug should be taken on recommendation by a doctor.
    • The prescriptions for kids are different and vary according to their weight. Make sure to follow the dosage.
    • If you have allergies, consult your doctor to know if the inactive ingredients in this drug can cause you more allergies.
    • The active ingredient, Loperamide, can make you feel dizzy, so you might want to avoid driving after taking it.

    Benefits of Using Imodium

    The Imodium anti-diarrhea drug offers relief from the following conditions:

    • Diarrhea: This includes all of its symptoms from stooling and vomiting to having fever.
    • Bloating: After eating, you might need that freedom to breathe and stay comfortable. Imodium offers you that.
    • Traveler's Diarrhea: Although rare, this happens to people when they travel. Having a tablet handy can be relieving.
    • Acute and Chronic Diarrhea: Extreme cases of diarrhea are kept at bay with Imodium.
    • Excessive Gas: This might also come along with bloating and rumbling stomach, which Imodium can take care of effectively.