4 products

    4 products

    Grandma's is a natural soap manufacturing brand in the U.S that is focused on producing organic soaps, perfectly handcrafted and void of chemicals. The U.S brand began in 2002 by Grandma's after researching about the best essential oils for human skin, which then led to the making of natural lye soaps. The brand has since blossomed into a global entity, incorporating detergents and other natural cosmetics in various categories for its teeming customer base.

    Grandma's Soap Products

    We have a wide range of products available for customers under Grandma's brand, each with its purpose, and virtually everyone is covered when it comes to soaps and detergents. All products are naturally handcrafted and offer a lot of benefits to every user.

    Natural Soaps

    Under this category, we have the following products:

    • Acne bar for normal or oily skin
    • Goat's milk beauty bar
    • Baby's bar
    • Laundry stain stick
    • Pet soap for sensitive skin pets
    • After workout sports bar
    • Don't bug me bar
    • Poison ivy bar
    • Pure and natural lye bath soap
    • Pure and natural shampoo & shave bar
    • And many others still available in this category.

    There are also gift sets available from the Grandma's Soap brand like:

    • Dry, itchy gift sets
    • Dry skin winter set
    • Active summer gift set
    • Lip soother set
    • Father's day gift set

    Active Ingredients

    As you are aware by now, the brand is a pure and natural soap brand, so all of its ingredients are sourced naturally. Each variant is named according to the chief natural ingredient used in its production, especially the herbal products. But generally, for its pure and natural soap, the major ingredients are lye, water, and food-grade lard.

    Benefits of Using Grandma's Soaps

    Using Grandma's brand come packed with a lot of benefits. They are natural and barely come with side effects of excessive chemicals. They can be used on the face and the body as well. Here are some of the benefits:

    • Multipurpose Usage: Grandma's soaps are made to cater to a wide variety of skin needs. From moisturizing the skin, soothing bug bites to taking care of rashes and hives, you can use them for a lot of things.
    • All Types of Skin: When using Grandma's soaps, there's no case of sensitive skins because they are also made for sensitive skins. Every kind of skin is welcome here, and they come void of detergents or additives that can cause the skin to dry out.
    • Take Care of Irritated Skin:Grandma's soap can be used as face cleansers to get rid of irritating skins bearing blemishes, eczema, rosacea, acne, and other skin-irritating conditions.

    Precaution and How to Use

    Since Grandma's products were also made to combat sensitive skin, there are no allergies involved. However, the product guide will help you use the product rightly.