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    Gas-X provides fast relief for abdominal gas & bloating. If you have a sensitive gut, make sure that you have Gas-X Extra Strength within reach to stop the painful bloating from ending your night early. Antacids only help with acidic pain but do not curb the discomfort of bloating like the power of Gas-x. 

    Available as a soft gel or a chewable, Gas-X ultra-strength and extra-strength get to the cause of gas and bloating faster than alternatives. That's why Gas-X is the #1 recommended brand by doctors for treating the discomfort of gas and the pressure from bloating after or between meals. 

    Active Ingredient

    The active ingredient present in Gas-X is simethicone, which is an anti-gas and anti-foaming medicine endorsed by medical doctors for relieving feelings of excessive gas, bloating, and other discomforts in the stomach.

    Gas-X Products

    Gas-X Products are available in different flavors, strengths, and forms. They include:

    • Extra Strength (125 mg): This is the lowest dose of the Simethicone present in the Gas-X products. It is available in chewable tablets and softgel forms. Chewable tablets are available in peppermint and cherry flavors.
    • Ultra Strength (180 mg): The ultra-strength is in between in terms of the concentration of Simethicone and is comfortable for just anyone. Only available in softgel form.
    • Maximum Strength (250 mg): Contains the highest potency of the active ingredient Simethicone for faster relief of gas-induced stomach conditions like bloating and more. Only available in softgel form .

    Benefits of Using Gas-X Products

    • Fast Relief from Bloating: Thanks to the presence of Simethicone, no bloating resulting from eating too much and the expansion of your bowels.
    • Get to Sleep Better: Most times, eating and getting full makes sleep impossible. You are unsettled, and the plan you have to take a nap is ruined. Thankfully, Gas-X is taken after meals, and you can feel relieved while you get that sleep that you've always wanted.
    • Be More Productive: Feel relieved faster and get back to work immediately when you take this product. It also relieves pressure in the stomach and the feeling of being so full that you can barely breathe properly.