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    The Duo brand is a Japanese company that specializes in the manufacturing of skincare and makeup products, including their tools and accessories. It's also involved in the production of personal care products for both males and females, especially products that are used to take proper care of the hands, nails, feet, as well as their accessories. There is a wide range of products in their makeup category also, that are specifically meant for eyelashes.

    Duo Brand Products

    Duo products offer great products that are made with the most trusted and safe materials, which offer little to no side effects when used. They help just any user take care of their skin perfectly and boost their confidence. At Vitabox, we have the products that the Duo brand offers in the different categories for you and their skincare needs, as well as makeup and accessories. Products are available in the following categories:

    Makeup Products

    In the makeup section, products here are specifically for the eyelashes, including the adhesives used to attach the false lashes to the eyes. There are adhesives and false eyelashes of different kinds, which include:

    • hin and wispy false eyelashes
    • Duo adhesives
    • Waterproof eyelash adhesives
    • Eyeliner and lash adhesives
    • Brush-on lash adhesives

    Personal Care and Skin Care

    There are not many products in this category at the moment, but the few that are available are certain to help you rejuvenate your skin. Some of the few products include:

    • The premier anti-aging duo and cleaning balm
    • Beauty clear powder
    • Cleansing balm

    Tools and Accessories

    Some of the tools and accessories that can be used to enhance your personal care and makeup process available include:

    • Eyelash pair and adhesives
    • Bruh-on strip lash adhesive for a dark tone and a white tones skin
    • Quick set false strip lash adhesive

    Benefits of Using Duo Products

    Some of the benefits of using the Duo brand products include:

    • Helps to improve your confidence when you are out and about
    • Its skincare products fight against aging and wrinkled skin
    • The combination of nature and science makes the products effective in the results they generate for users